The Messenger

Writing/Lang Can

One function of the screen, in my opinion, is its ability to keep the perceivable things disappeared in the space. While such disappearance erases the entities, it extends to spirituality which resembles the realities. The reality, owing to its madness, has embarked on a ship full of fools, being exiled in the farthest barren land and being destined to keep away from the world of mortals; in the end, it fortunately became convict in the most unrestrained, liberal realm.

In the virtual world with a sensibility of strangeness, hormones of reality and sweat of fantasy are blended, emerging from the fluorescent pores. Desire, in the context, can be used as an adjective to describe the secretions produced by the depths of the soul, which have no place to rest and are disturbing, hard to wear down until the termination.

In a way of prompt conversion of audio and video, I attempted to open up an imaginary channel of synesthesia and enter the inner world of a woman’s own. In the inner world, you can see the complexity of the mind of many women of all ages. In their subjective world, women have been compromising and fighting for their intense yet minimal desire, and the most natural impulse from within has been oppressed by the variety of realities. They attempt to escape from conventions, obligations, social responsibilities, anxieties, and a defined society. The repressions as a result of patience, in all likelihood, are the cruelest form of repression.

Escaping from the established rules and regulations means that you are destined to be viewed as an eccentric, who is so different from those of most people. You thus reach a state that is considered as disorderliness or insanity, being threatened to be labelled as foolish as a result of being rejected by the communities.     

In an explanatory conversation of “Relativity”, Einstein reportedly explained, when a man talks with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like ten minutes; but let him talk to an old-aged lady for 10 minute and it’s longer than an hour, that’s relativity. Although it is a joke, it touches upon the patriarchal consciousness that can be seen everywhere in the sensory world.

Just like an aged man sounds somewhat more attractive than an aged woman, most women are domesticated in reality. In any attempt to escape from the patriarchal normativity, they will be cast out by society or be marginalized and thought of as the insane. The moment one is domesticated as a woman or considered as a woman according to the biological features at birth, who is assigned to a social role and enact the social characteristics of their own, they have been caged. Since their body, gender, passion, and cravings are confined, they gave up exploring the unique relationship between themselves and their imaginations, overlooking the primitive wildness.

Perhaps every woman has a wild heart that allows the obstinacy to exist and evolve in her body without being suppressed. As in infinite exile in the depths of the heart, it grows savagely in an isolated territory outside the reality. Hence, insanity is possibly a spiritual way out that is the last, the purest, and the most complete form of illusion in real life. It will summon a new order and uncivilized chaos in a singular and magic way, silently waiting to re-provoke a frenzy of freedom caused by the social reorganizing and exclusive regulations.

If insanity is a symbol of something between tears and laughter, the language of the inner world is then the primary and final structure and the form of insanity itself. All of the evolutions as expressions of the nature of oneself simply lie in the discourse of the internal. Within the bold and unconstrained illusions, the mental disorder has found a path to the void of freedom of women themselves. It subverts the judgment of imagination, misplaces the reality with imagination, turns reality back to sensibility, thus, it is the last disremembering of the dogma.

The Messenger

Artist:Lang Can


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