Extinguished at Some Intersections of the Latitude and Longitude Order

Fingerprint Gallery presents artist’s Huang Shuofei’s first solo exhibition, “Extinguished at some intersections of the latitude and longitude order” on December 29, 2018, which is comprised of a series of installations, paintings, and multi-media works from recent years. The exhibition will continue to February 28, 2019.

Huang Shuofei graduated from the sculpture department of the Central Academy of Fine Art in 2009. Her practice, expands on multiple trajectories concerning regulation and order, formal logic and sensible experiences, subtlety in estimate and dimension, has shown unique qualities and impressions.

The material for Huang Shuofei’s installation “White”, to a large extent, comes from the debris and scraps of other artist friends’ works, who considers these materials as the negative forms of conscience, as the defined remnants carry the texture, temperament, and attitude of other artists. She continues to work as she speculates, relies on, follows or even resist the remnants of other artists’ works, so every piece of material that’s no longer considered an object becomes a point of inception or an obstacle. As a result, her organization and processing become the course in which conflicts between these objects are either exacerbated or dissolve, and consciousness conjured; it is a process where materials become form, in disciplined and cautious fashion.

Each and every one of her painting has not begun with a white canvas but from her own and other people’s used ones. The original paint accumulated on the surface and leftover colors seem to be the energies others have contributed to the canvas, what Huang has to do is to use the painting knife to cover and adjust the relationship between the objects of her depiction to the existing base, color, and material, so a new painting would come into being.

Designing forms and making up rules are ways Huang commands her thoughts and representing her ideas, and by adopting mathematical logic to generate sensible forms, and using concise formulaic calculation and the unknown loss to incorporate into the artist’s means of expression.

Huang Shuofei’s works reject the conventional process of art-making by relying on emotional factors, instead, she adopts objects, space, and order to convey the logical and causal relationships between individuals, and the individual versus the collective.

Extinguished at Some Intersections of the Latitude and Longitude Order

Artist:Huang Shuofei

Opening:2018.12.29  4pm


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