This warning is right for those who are reading this passage.
Every word you’ve read is a waste of time.
Don’t you have other thing to do?
Or are you so easily influenced by the authority that you completely respect and trust them? Have you gone through what you should read?

Have you pondered over what you should think?

In ONS, we’re really living.
It only exists when we get together. Even the best painter will change after the gathering.
In ONS, people are no longer like what they are in other places. When they’ve just come here, their brains are plain. After one night, their brains will be full of sulci.
We paint for the whole night.
People here won’t die from sleep insufficiency. Our faces are like dried fruits the next day. We feel that we are going to die, but our paintings are full of vitality.

Here in ONS you will meet insomnia. But you will get true sleep, and sleep clearheadedly.



Opening:2019.3.9 4pm


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