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Wang Shan-Ching,was born in Chongqing, China, in 1940;1952 Moved to Taiwan with his mother with the permit for travelling to Taiwan approved and issued by the Eastern China Military Commissar, travelling from Guangzhou to Taiwan via Macau to unite with his father;1961 Started to learn to reproduce the Chinese calligraphy and paintings of the dynasties;1963 Admitted by the Western Painting Department of the Chinese Culture University (Taiwan) and continued to learn the traditional Chinese calligraphy and paintings;1967 Reproduced the Yongle Palace Murals at the invitation of director Li Hanxiang and hired as the art director and associate director. Awarded as the best artistic director for the film “The Story of Ti Ying” at the Asia Pacific Film Festival and teamed up with the elite ancient calligraphy and paintings reproduction group;1969 Reproduced Dong Yuan’s Night Landscape of the River Bank, Wang Xizhi’s Grand Copybook, Fan Kuan’s Dongtian Mountain Hall and other ancient Chinese classical calligraphy and paintings;1980 Held his first solo exhibition at the Spring Fine Art Gallery in Taipei ;1983 Held a dual outdoor exhibition with Lu Yong at the Minsheng Park in Taiwan;1984 Held solo exhibition at Julingtang Gallery in Taiwan;1986 Invited to an exhibiting tour in six American cities;1984 – 1989  Created seven grand works of art: “Walking Alone”, “The Scene of A Great Way”, “The Divine Land”, “The Interstellar Origins”, “The Grand Way”, “Facing the Buddha”, and “The Solitary Eagle”. 1991 Created the “Scene of Sunrise”;1993 Invited by the Culture minister of South Africa to the Grand Exhibition of Chinese Culture;1998 Invited by the French Gallery Association as a VIP to the Transcontinental Exhibition;1999 Invited by Mercedes Benz to a solo exhibition held in Germany ;2002 Invited by FIFA World Cup to exhibited at the Spirituality of the Pen and Ink in South Korea;2003 Held solo exhibition at the Chenfan Gallery, Shanghai;2005 Recommended by a French critic and featured on the cover of LIFESTYLE;2010 Relocated to Beijing and established a studio;2013 Nominated by the Renegade project and featured in the catalogue;2014 Wang Shan-Ching’s Solo Exhibition at the H.T. Gallery, Beijing;2019 Meishu No.2 collective exhibition, Fingerprint Gallery, Beijing;2019 Beijing Contemporary Art Expo, Beijing;2020 Roaming Alone by theSolitary Peak , Wang Shan-Ching’s Solo Exhibition, Fingerprint Gallery, Beijing





Curator:Bao Dong

Artists:Wang Shan-Ching, Wang Yunchong, Li Yiwen, Jin Shi, Luan Xueyan


Booth E24

2020.1.17 – 1.19

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

VIP Preview: 1.16 2-5pm

Opening party: 1.16 5-9pm

Public Access: 1.17-19


In January 2020, Taipei Dangdai transformed the city with a week of Art and Ideas. The fair closed its second edition to great critical acclaim, welcoming over 40,000 visitors to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. The fair convened 99 leading galleries, a curated Ideas Forum of 15 panels and events, and a series of large-scale Installations including Michael Lin’s digital commission for the facade of Taipei 101.

Taipei Dangdai celebrates the city’s unique and dynamic arts scene, while highlighting global creativity and the increasing importance of the wider art market in Asia.

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Beijing Contemporary Art Expo

(中文) 艺术家 Artist:王三庆 Wang Sanqing

展位 Booth:F02

展期 Duration:2019.8.29-8.31


Venue:National Agricultural Exhibition Center ( No.16, Dongsanhuan North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China )

Press release (pdf)

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